Anonymous said: Hey I have a tumblr and I would love to help people, could you please make a little promotions for me ? Because the more we help people, the less people will hurt themselves ! My tumblr is "thisgirlsopinion" on tumblr, thank

of course


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Anonymous said: What is your separate blog for advice?

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Anonymous said: Well so I don't know really how to start but I don't like Christmas time because my dad is never here with me. So the other day I was upset because I knew he wouldn't gonna be here again this year. That day I didn't text or call anyone back or talk to anyone. My 2 best friends and my boyfriend started saying shit about me! They called me a bitch and a whore and said that I didn't like any of them just because I didn't text them back that day! My boyfriend was gonna dump me because I never texted

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Anonymous said: My girlfriend told me that she hoped she would be my first kiss then after about 5 days she broke up with me saying that we didnt hang out as often as before and that it was way more fun when we were just friends

hey, so, uh, i’m going to start posting messages that i get like this.

i won’t comment on them or anything.

but they’re way too specific to you personally to make into a picture thing.

- C

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Anonymous said: Please PLEASE post more ! <3 I LOVE YOUR ACCOUNT ! Maybe once a day ? Or a couple a week PLEASE ? :D oh & maybe more relatable stuff ? ^-^ thanks !

haha well, all of the things i’ve been posting are submissions.

i don’t really have the time to make the picture things constantly, so i let the submissions build up until i have around fifteen. then i make them all in one night and queue them to post once a day.

so basically i need more time, and more submissions!

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Anonymous said: Sorry, but I had to laugh so hard at the 'Bla bla 15 and no boyfriend bla bla' thing xD. I am 22 Years old and never had a relationship. It's not a bad thing. In my mind it's a weird thing to think it's bad having no relationship in a certain age. And if you think that you're not pretty enough the guys will notice that and feel the same thing. Love yourself first. How should someone love you, if you can't love yourself?

i agree! there are a lot of submissions that i feel i should comment on, but i hardly feel i’m going to change anyone’s opinion of themselves with a few sentences.

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